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Selective Color

May 11th, 2012

Selective Color

A simple buttercup that I processed as a black and white image a few weeks back gets a new interpretation using selective color. I like the way the yellow flower pops against the black background. What do you think?

Lisa Phillips Buttercup

Tugging at Heart Strings

April 24th, 2012

Photography Prints
When I am not photographing things in the natural realm, I photograph children and pets. When I photograph a father and his newborn son, my hope is to create an image that stirs up emotions in the viewer. Sometimes, it pays to focus in (no pun intended) on a smaller part of the whole. In this case we only see the father's rough skinned hands and the baby's tiny pristine toes. Kleenex optional!

Too many flowers...

April 23rd, 2012

Sell Art Online

Many people have said that there are too many flower images out there.
Why is it that so many artists are inspired to create artworks that
depict flowers? Perhaps it's a way of honoring the vast talents of Mother Nature. No two flowers are exactly alike; in fact there are no perfect duplicates in all of the natural realm. Something to ponder on a rainy day in Philadelphia.

This image of Ronunculus in Black and White is my take on a buttercup found on a grassy hill in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.